### Homework 1 ###

Write the following OpenCV Programming and print out the program source and execution result (screen capture) according to Appendix A of the textbook.

1. Deadline for Submission

   -Monday, October 07, 2019

2. Homework Content

(1) Writing and executing OpenCV Programming given in Appendix A. Write the following programs and print out the source file and the result(screen capture).

       Program A-1, program A-2. Program A-3, Program A-4, Program A-5,  Program A-6

3. Precautions

- Be sure to attach the cover of the report given on the bulletin board.

- Please. print out and submit the source and execution result (screen capture) by word processor.

-  If you exceed the submission period, 50% will be deducted each day. For example, if you submit on the day of class, you will receive a 50% penalty. 25% (0.5 * 0.5) will be applied for the next day's submission.